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Mushroom Complex Gummies
$19.99 $14.99
Mushroom Complex G...
10-in-1 mushroom complex. These herbal supplements deliver robust doses of reishi, chaga, cordy...
Rating: 4.2 out of 5 (92)
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Reishi Mushroom Gummies
$19.99 $16.99
Reishi Mushroom Gu...
Keep your immune system in tiptop shape with these gummies. Reishi mushrooms contain natural comp...
Rating: 4.3 out of 5 (52)
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Immune Mushrooms Tincture - 4 fl.oz. Bottle
Immune Mushrooms T...
Our W&O Mushroom Tincture is crafted for immune stability, bolstering your body from foreign ...
Rating: 4.6 out of 5 (8)
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Gummy Supplements

Seeking a fortress for your health? Meet Reishi, the mushroom of immortality. Packed with antioxidants, triterpenoids, and polysaccharides, Reishi backs up your immunity.

As a natural source of antioxidants, our gummies fend off oxidative stress and boost energy levels by enhancing your body's oxygen utilization. This mushroom looks out for your heart too, working tirelessly to keep cholesterol levels in check.

In the world of medicinal mushrooms, the reishi mushroom stands out as one of the most promising for its extensive list of benefits. Often referred to as a “Mushroom of Immortality”, reishi has long been considered a symbol of health and longevity. Modern science recognizes reishi capacity in its ability to boost the immune system, fight inflammation, and even support mental health. 

Our reishi mushroom supplements are crafted to harness the nature's power of these exceptional fungi, helping your body in numerous ways. They not only fortify the immune system but also provide a range of additional benefits including stress relief, enhanced heart function, and cellular support. We strive to deliver these ancient benefits in a form that is both accessible and convenient for modern lifestyles.

Harnessing the Healing Powers of Reishi Mushrooms

Promoting Healthy Respiration

The active compounds in our reishi mushroom supplement have been shown to exert anti-inflammatory effects that can help to reduce swelling and mucus in the airways, making breathing easier. This fungus helps in dilating the bronchial tubes, allowing for easier air passage and improving oxygen intake. 

Studies also indicate that it can help inhibit the release of histamines, which are compounds that can trigger allergic reactions and make breathing more difficult. This can be particularly beneficial for those who suffer from asthma or other respiratory conditions that are exacerbated by allergens.

Aiding in Natural Detoxification

The human body has a remarkable ability to detoxify itself, but sometimes it can benefit from a little extra help. Reishi contains some hepatoprotective properties, meaning they offer protective benefits for the liver. Its natural compounds aid in neutralizing free radicals and toxins that accumulate in the liver over time, thanks to their antioxidant capabilities. By combating oxidative stress, these compounds support the liver's own detoxifying functions, enhancing its ability to filter and remove toxins from the bloodstream.

Immune Boosting and Beyond

The immune system is our first line of defense against illness, and various natural remedies have been proposed to enhance its function. No wonder that reishi is often called a “Mushroom of Immortality”, because it can positively influence immunity. It has immunomodulating properties, meaning they can both up-regulate and down-regulate immune responses as needed. This helps maintain a balanced immune system, avoiding excessive inflammation while ensuring an adequate response to pathogens.

Revitalizing the Heart

First off, reishi helps regulate blood pressure. It facilitates the relaxation and dilation of the blood vessels, allowing for smoother blood flow and consequently reducing the strain on the heart.

Additionally, reishi’s compounds assist in lowering levels of 'bad' LDL cholesterol while promoting 'good' HDL cholesterol. It further reduces the risk of atherosclerosis and other heart-related issues.

Boosting Vitality from Within

In our busy lives, sustaining energy levels is more critical than ever. While some people still use stimulants like caffeine or energy drinks, there are healthy alternatives which can offer a sustained energy boost without a crash. 

The active compounds in reishi mushrooms help increase energy levels by promoting better oxygen utilization in the body. Efficient oxygen use is crucial for cellular respiration, the process by which our cells produce energy. By improving the efficiency of this process, these compounds effectively increase energy levels at a cellular level, leading to more sustained vitality throughout the day.

Restful Nights, Brighter Days

With its adaptogenic properties, reishi is able to help the body adapt to stress, which is often a cause for interrupted sleep. This is particularly useful for individuals who have trouble falling asleep due to stress or anxiety. By modulating the body’s stress response, reishi can make it easier to relax and transition into sleep.

What’s more, reishi’s compounds can interact with neurotransmitters involved in the sleep-wake cycle, including serotonin and GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid). Through this interaction, they help regulate circadian rhythms, aligning the body's internal clock to encourage natural, restful sleep.

Unlocking the Secrets of Natural Longevity

Aging is a complex, multifaceted process influenced by various genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors. While growing older is inevitable, the rate and manner in which we age can be influenced. This is where reishi can be helpful. 

First and foremost, reishi possesses potent antioxidant properties. As we age, our cells accumulate oxidative damage, which can lead to various age-related diseases and conditions. The antioxidant capabilities of these compounds help to neutralize free radicals, thereby reducing cellular damage and potentially slowing the aging process.

Also, this fungus can stimulate autophagy. This is a cellular process responsible for clearing out damaged or malfunctioning components within cells. Enhanced autophagy is associated with increased cellular health and longevity, as it helps to maintain the function of cells as they age.

Calm Under Pressure: Relieving Stress Naturally

Stress seems to be an unavoidable aspect of modern life. Thanks to natural remedies to manage this condition, we can better cope with stressful situations, be it related to work, love dilemmas or other reasons. 

Reishi contains adaptogenic properties, which are substances that help the body adapt to stress and maintain balance. These compounds can interact with the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis – the body's central stress response system. It helps regulate the secretion of cortisol, the primary stress hormone. When cortisol levels are balanced, we are more likely to experience a state of calm and reduced stress.

Why Buy Our Reishi Supplements?

Our carefully crafted supplements harness the power of reishi mushrooms to offer a multi-faceted solution designed to uplift your well-being in multiple ways. This fungus is a powerhouse of health benefits, from supporting heart health to relieving stress, enhancing energy levels, and promoting restful sleep. Don't miss out on the opportunity and take charge of your wellness today!



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It's often referred to as the "mushroom of immortality" due to its historical association with promoting a long, healthy life and its traditional use in anti-aging remedies.

This fungus is a powerhouse of potent compounds, including beta-glucans ( a type of polysaccharides), ganoderic and lucidenic acids, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. These compounds effectively collaborate to provide a multi-faceted approach to comprehensive well-being, including:

  1. Immune Back-Up: Reishi contains complex sugars known as beta-glucans that may help modulate the immune system. This makes it valuable for both stimulating an underactive immune system or tempering an overactive one.
  2. Energy Amp-Up: Many users find that reishi helps to improve energy levels. This is likely due to its adaptogenic properties, which help the body more efficiently utilize oxygen and improve blood flow, thereby enhancing overall stamina and reducing fatigue.
  3. Breathing Support: Traditional use and some preliminary research suggest that reishi may help to support the respiratory system, making it beneficial for conditions such as asthma or bronchitis.

Other health aspects where reishi can be helpful are heart wellness, detoxification and liver health, as well as sleep, and the body’s stress response.

We provide a product that aligns with ethical and health-conscious choices, which is why we do not use any animal-derived ingredients in our supplements. Not to mention, our products are free from soy, yeast, GMOs, artificial colors, and flavors. We take pride in crafting supplements that are not only effective but also align with a wide range of dietary preferences and needs.