The Best Ways To Boost Metabolism Naturally


Every moment, even as you read this, a synergy of biochemical reactions occur within your body. It is otherwise known as your metabolism – chemical processes that occur within our bodies to maintain life. These processes enable our cells to produce energy, build and repair cellular structures, and break down molecules for various uses. Metabolism is the very essence of life and plays a crucial role in determining our overall health, weight, digestive efficiency, and even our psychoemotional state.

Metabolism regulates how we convert the food we eat into the energy we use. When our metabolic rate is optimal, our bodies can effectively burn calories, maintain healthy weight levels, and properly digest and assimilate nutrients. 

But a variety of factors can cause our metabolic engine to slow down. Age, hormonal imbalances, a sedentary lifestyle, poor diet choices, and certain medical conditions can all lead to a sluggish metabolism. It's not just about how fast or slow we burn calories but also about how efficiently our bodies perform all their vital functions.

Recognizing the pivotal role of metabolism in our well-being, this article delves deep into the most effective natural ways to increase basal metabolic rate. We'll explore proven strategies to kick-start metabolism and ensure it's working at its optimal capacity. 

The Best Natural Ways to Increase Metabolism

Exercise More and Stay Active

Exercise is one of the best ways to speed up metabolism naturally. Every time you move, from jogging to even standing up, you're stoking the metabolic fire. Cardiovascular exercises, like running or swimming, are fantastic for burning calories in the moment. On the other hand, strength training, such as weightlifting, boosts your basal metabolic rate (BMR) over time by increasing muscle mass. Muscles are metabolically active, meaning they burn calories even at rest. For those who aren't into structured workouts, simple activities such as gardening, climbing stairs, or even dancing can make a difference. The key is to stay active and keep the body moving.

Drink Water to Stay Hydrated with Water

The significance of water to our metabolic processes cannot be overstated. Water is a catalyst for numerous enzymatic processes, including those that raise metabolism. Studies suggest that drinking water can temporarily speed up metabolic rate by 10-30%. Moreover, drinking water before meals has been shown to reduce calorie intake, leading to weight loss. While the "8 glasses a day" rule is a good starting point, factors like climate, physical activity, and individual body needs can alter the exact requirement.

Prioritize Your Sleep

Our bodies are like machines, and just like any machine, they need to rest and recharge. Sleep can jump start metabolism, as it regulates hormones which are responsible for appetite and stress. Ghrelin, the hunger hormone, increases when we're sleep-deprived, while leptin, the fullness hormone, decreases. This means lack of sleep can lead to increased hunger and more calorie intake. Also, cortisol, the stress hormone, spikes with inadequate sleep, which can disrupt metabolic processes. Prioritizing sleep, ensuring a calm bedtime routine, and investing in a comfortable sleep environment can work wonders for metabolism.

Consider Protein-Rich Foods

Protein is the best natural metabolism booster. It induces the thermic effect of food (TEF), which is the energy required to digest, absorb, and process nutrients. Protein's TEF is higher than that of carbs or fats, meaning the body burns more calories processing protein. Regular consumption of protein-rich foods not only assists in muscle repair and growth but also helps prevent muscle loss, especially when one's on a calorie-deficient diet. Foods like chicken breast, turkey, tofu, lentils, and chickpeas are excellent sources of protein.

Avoid Crash Diets

The pursuit of quick weight loss often pushes people towards crash diets, but these can be metabolic nightmares. When you cut down calorie intake drastically, the body perceives it as a threat and slows down metabolic processes to conserve energy. Over time, this can decrease muscle mass, further reducing BMR. How to speed up metabolism without diets? Instead of depriving your body of essential micro and macro nutrients, focus on sustainable, healthy eating habits that ensure you're getting the necessary nutrients without starving and shocking the body. Your diet should be balanced, and tailored to meet your individual needs and health goals. 

Enjoy the Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea, a staple in many Asian cultures, offers a dual advantage for those looking to reset metabolism. Firstly, it's rich in catechins, antioxidants that have been shown to improve fat oxidation. Secondly, the modest amount of caffeine in green tea provides a metabolic boost without the jitters associated with other caffeinated beverages. Over time, regularly drinking green tea can also reduce body fat, particularly in the abdominal area.

Spice Up Your Meals

What boosts metabolism is spicy food. It has a thermogenic effect, which means it produces heat in the body, increasing calorie burn. The primary agent behind this is capsaicin, found in chili peppers. Beyond the immediate effect of raising body temperature, capsaicin also has appetite-suppressing properties. But a word of caution: while spicy foods can kick metabolism into higher gear, it's crucial to consume them in moderation, especially for those with sensitive stomachs or digestive issues.

Consider Natural Metabolism Boosters

The world of natural supplements and herbs that boost metabolism offers a plethora of options that can increase BMR:

  • L-carnitine: This amino acid plays a role in fat metabolism, helping transport fatty acids into cells for energy production.
  • Fish oils: Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, fish oils can enhance metabolism by improving enzyme activity and fat oxidation.
  • Iron and Zinc: These things that boost metabolism and energy are vital for thyroid function, which regulates metabolism. A deficiency in either can lead to poor metabolic health.

Metabolism Boosting Herbs and Supplements

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper, renowned for its fiery kick, contains an active component called capsaicin, which is believed to have metabolism-boosting properties. Our cayenne tincture helps increase thermogenesis – the process by which the body converts calories into heat. This, in turn, leads to an uptick in metabolic rate, prompting the body to burn more calories throughout the day. 

Each serving of this tincture contains 684 mg of cayenne pepper. This spicy fruit is rich in vitamins, especially vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C, and B vitamins. It's also a good source of minerals like potassium and manganese. The main active component is capsaicin, responsible for its spicy nature and health benefits.

Our Cayenne Pepper Tincture is ideal for individuals looking to enhance their metabolic rate, especially those feeling sluggish, having difficulty losing weight, or wanting to optimize their energy levels.


Wild & Organic Cayenne Pepper Tincture

Ceylon Cinnamon

Ceylon cinnamon not only adds aromatic splendor to dishes but also carries impressive metabolic benefits. Consumed in gummy form, ceylon cinnamon can help enhance metabolism by improving insulin sensitivity, thus aiding the body in processing carbohydrates more efficiently. This optimized carbohydrate metabolism prevents excessive fat storage, promoting energy utilization and boosting the metabolic rate. 

One serving (2 gummies) delivers 1800 mg of ceylon cinnamon, rich in antioxidants. It also provides a range of minerals including manganese, iron, and calcium. These gummies are your perfect choice if you are looking to restart your metabolism. Its ability to manage blood glucose levels can help manage weight effectively, while also promoting heart health. 

Wild & Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Gummies

Acetyl L-Carnitine

Acetyl l-carnitine, a naturally occurring amino acid derivative, is crucial in the metabolic process of converting stored fat into usable energy. Acetyl l-carnitine facilitates the transportation of fatty acids into the mitochondria, the energy-producing units in cells. By doing so, it plays a pivotal role in fat metabolism, increasing the metabolic rate, enhancing energy levels, and promoting efficient weight management.

Each serving (2 gummies) is packed with 1500 mg of acetyl l-carnitine. The primary health benefit of our chews revolves around optimized energy production by supporting efficient fat metabolism. A great supplement for individuals seeking a metabolic uplift, those looking to harness better energy from stored fats, or anyone aiming for effective weight management.

Wild & Organic Acetyl L-Carnitine Gummies

Black Seed Oil

How to improve metabolism with black seed oil? This ingredient, derived from the seeds of the Nigella sativa plant, has been traditionally used for healthy weight loss. By enhancing liver function and ensuring efficient breakdown of fats, it can increase the metabolic rate, making it an asset for weight management and overall energy levels.

Containing a generous 2000 mg of black seed oil, each serving brings you a bunch of vital fatty acids, especially linoleic acid and oleic acid. Our gummies are also rich in phytochemicals, B vitamins, vitamin E, and essential minerals like selenium, zinc, and iron. These chews are an excellent choice for individuals aiming to get rid of stubborn fat. They support healthy metabolism, reduce cholesterol levels, while also bolstering cardiac health. 

Wild & Organic Black Seed Oil Gummies

Turmeric and Black Pepper

Turmeric, with its active component curcumin, is revered for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. When paired with black pepper, which contains piperine, the absorption of curcumin in the body is significantly enhanced. This synergistic combination, in tincture form, aids metabolism by promoting efficient digestion, improving insulin sensitivity, and regulating lipid metabolism. This can lead to better blood sugar control, optimized cholesterol levels, and a natural metabolic uplift.

Our tincture offers 720 mg of organic turmeric and 10 mg of black pepper per serving. Turmeric provides essential minerals like manganese, iron, and potassium, along with B vitamins. Black Pepper, on the other hand, is a source of vitamin K, iron, and manganese, with piperine being its most potent component. This tincture is ideal for individuals aiming to maintain balanced blood sugar levels, regulate cholesterol, and give metabolism a boost. 


Wild & Organic Turmeric and Black Pepper Tincture

Sea Moss Tincture

How to boost metabolism naturally? Try sea moss! Packed with a wealth of essential minerals and vitamins, our tincture combines sea moss in its purest form and organic bladderwrack for added benefits. This powerful combo helps support thyroid, an organ intrinsically linked to metabolic rate. These marine plants not only optimize thyroid health but also facilitate detoxification, helping the body rid itself of toxins that may slow metabolic function.

Each serving provides 400 mg of sea moss and 300 mg of bladderwrack. Sea moss is packed with 92 out of the 102 minerals the body requires, including iodine, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. Bladderwrack is abundant in iodine, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, minerals, and other trace elements.

Need a natural way to support thyroid health and detoxification? This tincture is a holistic approach to support these vital functions, which lead to improved metabolism.

Wild & Organic Sea Moss Tincture

Final Thoughts

Metabolism is the silent engine that powers our body's everyday functions, and fine-tuning it can lead to a cascade of health benefits. What speeds up your metabolism? From the foods we eat to the activities we engage in, and even the supplements we consider, there's a vast array of tools to fasten metabolism. 

As we've discussed the various ways to boost metabolism, it's evident that a combination of dietary, lifestyle, and supplemental approaches can work synergistically to achieve the best results. Harnessing these strategies can unlock a plethora of health benefits beyond better metabolism. Increased energy levels, better blood glucose control, effective weight management, and optimized body functions are also the results of incorporating these metabolism-boosting methods. 

Why Choose Our Supplements for Healthy Metabolism Support?

Our purely-formulated vegan metabolism boosting supplements are packed with vitamins and minerals, making them a prime choice for individuals aiming to enhance their metabolic rate considerably. If you're looking to prioritize effective weight management and are seeking a significant increase in metabolic efficiency, our products present a compelling option grounded in evidence and potency.

Oct 13, 2023 Irina Ignatova 0 comments
Oct 13, 2023 Irina Ignatova 0 comments

Frequently asked questions

Generally, the journey to enhanced metabolic health involves a range of lifestyle modification, including diet choices and regular physical activity. 

When it comes to food, one should opt for protein-rich food. Such foods as chicken breast, turkey or tofu require more time and calories to be digested, absorbed and processed. Compared to carbohydrates which require 5-10% of their usable energy for metabolism and fats requiring a mere 0-3%, proteins demand a significantly higher energy expenditure. In fact, 20-30% of the energy derived from dietary protein is utilized for its own metabolism!

As for physical activity, even simple morning exercises will make a difference. Building muscle can also increase resting metabolic rate because muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue, even at rest.

Some herbs that speed up metabolism, like ceylon cinnamon or cayenne pepper, work magic when it comes to their metabolic-boosting properties. 

How to increase your metabolism with herbal supplements?

For example cayenne pepper contains capsaicin, which has thermogenic properties. Thermogenesis is the process by which the body produces heat, leading to an increased calorie burn. By doing this, capsaicin increases the rate at which the body burns calories (increased energy expenditure) and also promotes fat oxidation. Additionally, it may also reduce appetite, leading to a reduced caloric intake.

Ceylon cinnamon is known to improve insulin sensitivity and helps in regulating blood sugar levels. By improving the body's ability to use insulin, ceylon cinnamon ensures that glucose from the bloodstream is efficiently used for energy. This process can prevent the storage of excess glucose as fat. Moreover, stable blood sugar levels can reduce cravings and maintain consistent energy levels throughout the day.

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